Work in Progress - October 2022

About Samy

Info about myself can be found here.


I'm a hobby artist who wants to get more out of it.
I work a lot on my art, support in any way - feedback, tips, etc. - always help a lot.
Myself has a lot of characters and I love them all in their own way. I will always do my best to get art for them or finish their profile, it's just lots of fun.If I'm not drawing, I love to play video games, watching old - or the current - ESC (Eurovision Song Contest) Streams or movies and shows in general, read or going outside.

Will/ Won't Draw

Everything I will and will not draw. For any specific details, you can always contact me, if it's not listed below I might try it but that will depend on a case-by-case basis.

Will Draw

Fandoms (Pokemon, Night-, Lightfury, Nightlight)
Fantasy Creatures

Will Not Draw

Anthros/ Furries
Anything hateful


There's always something I'm looking for to do.

  • Minigames Are always fun and challenging.

  • Art Fight I do my best to participate and attack/ fight back.

  • Art Trades They're lots of fun to do.

  • DTIYS There're so many out there, I probably won't be able to have enough time to get to all of them I want to.

  • Shows/ Movies I love watching movies or shows.

  • Reading books is sth I really enjoy.

Get in touch

If you want to get in touch, you can use one of these:

*Wonderland is for people 25+ only. We're LGBTQ+ friendly.